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the company. john browett's departure is immediate. he cut staffing hours at apple's retail stores, a traditional retail move to improve profits but which, at apple, undercut what some describe as ambassadors of apple's brand who guide customers to in-person technical support. scott forstall's software division replaced google maps with apple's own maping application that suffered heavy criticism from iphone five customers. apple admits the retail cutbacks were a mistake and has apologized for weaknesses in its mapping application. boeing is delaying the delivery united continental. the airline picked up its first 787 in september. the timetable for the next delivery is unclear. meanwhile, boeing reportedly is closing a deal to sell 35 of its redesigned 737 aircraft to russia's aviation capital services. that deal is said to be worth $3.5 billion. billionaire warren buffett is taking his own advice. after mentioning he'd make an investment by purchasing a "couple hundred thousand single-family homes," buffett's berkshire-hathaway seems to be betting on residential real estate sale
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1